Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Restaurant City: A sad farewell...

It was the most fun I ever had and I'll miss it terribly. Goodbye Restaurant City. You were fun to work on, even though you made me hungry, and fun to play...


Twisted Christmas

Swiss Christmas

Swiss Christmas Cookies

Restaurant City

Times Square Party


Steam Pop recipes

Korean Dynasty

Tailgate Party recipes

Restaurant City

We Built a Zoo!
Zoo recipes/exteriors/costume textures

Broadway recipes

Weather Week

Spring Break

Sugar Shack

Restaurant City

Geek Week

April Fools Day

Easter Week

Space Adventure

Trouble Makers

Maggie's Birthday Finale

Restaurant City

Unreleased themes.
Fishing week

Glorious Russia!

Initially the newsletters for the iPhone version were supposed to be more of an illustration. In the end we made them more basic due to lack of space.

Monday, June 4, 2012

More Adventure-ish Time

Never got around to finishing them. I call them Scorpion Class, with an Adventure Squirrel familiar. (Yes, this has nothing to do with Adventure Time, it's just a time for an adventure)

Adventure-ish Time

I call it a Scavenger Class, with an Adventure Teckel familiar.